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Important Considerations for Prenuptial Agreements in North Carolina

Prenup5-200x200The idea of executing a prenuptial agreement, also known as a premarital agreement, can be scary for any couple on the road toward marriage. But in all reality, prenuptial agreements are an increasingly common situation for couples to face. Moreover, couples can decrease the potential friction associated with a prenuptial agreement through an understanding of several important considerations.

Create a Prenuptial Agreements In Writing

As outlined in in Chapter 52B of the North Carolina General Statutes, prenuptial agreements must be made in writing and signed by both spouses. Without a valid writing signed by both parties, the prenuptial agreement becomes invalid and unenforceable.

Make Changes to a Prenuptial Agreement In Writing

Chapter 52B also provides that any changes to a prenuptial agreement in North Carolina must be made in writing and signed by both parties. The writing requirement applies if the spouses want to amend the prenuptial agreement to feature different terms. The same requirement applies if the spouses wish to revoke or cancel their prenuptial agreement.

Avoid Last-Minute Prenuptial Agreements

This might seem like common sense. But it is worth hammering home nonetheless. The less time couples leave for the negotiation and drafting of a prenuptial agreement, the more likely the chance of dispute. When couples rush to create a prenuptial agreement shortly before their wedding, the chance of leaving out important terms or considerations escalates exponentially. Plan ahead to ensure that you and your spouse feel comfortable with your prenuptial agreement.

Separate Premarital Assets from Postmarital Assets

The separation of premarital and postmarital assets can be extremely important. If spouses commingle or mix their assets from before and after marriage, the distribution of property during divorce can get muddled. In such circumstances, it can be difficult to prove which spouse owned what property before their marriage. That would make a prenuptial agreement exceedingly difficult to enforce.

Treat Your Future Spouse Honestly and Respectfully

Whenever creating a prenuptial agreement, it is paramount for future spouses to remember that they are about to get married. They want to spend the rest of their life together. If either spouse enters prenuptial negotiations forcefully or aggressively, they may do irreparable harm to their relationship. That is why it is crucial to act in an upfront, honest and respectful way throughout the creation and execution of a prenuptial agreement.

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