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Div11-200x200Stress, pressure, and fear will make ordinary people do unordinary things–manipulative and even deceitful things. Some divorcing spouses go so far as to make up stories about their partners that damage their reputation and chances to be granted child custody, marital property, or alimony. If you are facing such accusations, you need to act now by contacting an experienced Charlotte, North Carolina divorce attorney.

False Allegations of Domestic Violence are Rare, But Do Occur During Divorce

While false domestic violence or abuse allegations are rare, they do affect spouses negatively during divorce. Specifically, a protective order (50-B) against one of the spouses could seriously impact the decision of the judge in many circumstances. According to research and reported by the Colorado Coalition Against Domestic Violence, inĀ  63 percent to 74 percent of domestic violence cases, there is sufficient evidence that abuse occurred. In the remaining cases, there is insufficient evidence or a mistaken belief that abuse occurred. Very rarely does a person make a false allegation, which makes it all that much more difficult to prove in court.

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