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Child Support in North Carolina is set by statute.  It is formulaic in nature, taking into consideration the relative financial positions of the respective parents including income and expenses, Child Support Expensessubject to the NC child support guidelines.

That is not to say it is an easy calculation or in all instances is the question, “How much is child support?” answered with clarity.

There are instances when income, whether separate or combined, of either or both parents, far exceeds the top end of the child support guidelines in North Carolina.

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Little v. Little is an unpublished family law decision by the NC Court of Appeals.  In part, the opinion is helpful to attorneys in understanding the process/logic of calculating child support, especially for parents who are self Child Support Self Employedemployed.

As an unpublished decision, “Agibail B. Little v. Everett D. Little” (the formal caption of the lawsuit/opinion) does not carry precedential value.  It is not binding legal authority in family court.

The matter stems from a family court dispute in Union County, North Carolina and the ruling of the Monroe District Court Judge.  The defendant in the case, Mr. Little, appeals from a court order regarding a motion to modify child support.

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