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Prenup-200x200What is a Prenuptial Agreement?

A prenuptial agreement is a premarital agreement that is entered into before marriage and sets out the terms of separation. Prenuptial agreements are usually enforceable unless the agreement was entered into under duress, fraud or the agreement sets out unreasonable grounds thus rendering it void as a matter of public policy. Prenuptial agreements are usually signed after the couple enters into an engagement and before the marriage ceremony. Individuals who want prenuptial agreements are usually wealthy individuals, individuals who have been married before or people of advanced age. As mentioned, prenuptial agreements can include any terms over which the couple wants to contract over unless it is illegal. Couples frequently contract over asset and debt distribution, liabilities and child rearing. Some agreements include unusual, but legal terms, surrounding monetary penalties after infidelity as well as who retains custody of a pet during separation. Although couples can choose to contract over a wide range of topics, there are standard requirements contracting parties must follow that will result in an enforceable contract.

What Constitutes a Valid Prenuptial Agreement?

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Prenup5-200x200The idea of executing a prenuptial agreement, also known as a premarital agreement, can be scary for any couple on the road toward marriage. But in all reality, prenuptial agreements are an increasingly common situation for couples to face. Moreover, couples can decrease the potential friction associated with a prenuptial agreement through an understanding of several important considerations.

Create a Prenuptial Agreements In Writing

As outlined in in Chapter 52B of the North Carolina General Statutes, prenuptial agreements must be made in writing and signed by both spouses. Without a valid writing signed by both parties, the prenuptial agreement becomes invalid and unenforceable.

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Prenup-200x200Commonly referred to as prenuptial agreements, premarital agreements are made between potential spouses before marriage. These agreements outline certain rights and responsibilities for each spouse, such as the division of property upon death or divorce.

In Chapter 52B of the North Carolina General Statutes, we find the Uniform Premarital Agreement Act. This act outlines the framework for premarital agreements in North Carolina.

Under Sections 52B-3 and 52B-4, we find the requirements for premarital agreements in North Carolina. First and foremost, premarital agreements must be written and signed by both spouses. Without a writing signed by both spouses, premarital agreements are not valid. Additionally, even if one spouse does not receive any benefit under the agreement, it is still valid and enforceable.

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