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Domestic Violence

Court “Domestic Violence” and legal issues involving “Family Violence” in North Carolina are surprisingly common. People of all sorts in Mecklenburg County occasionally find themselves in need of a Charlotte domestic violence attorney. Whether it involves a Restraining Order in civil court or criminal court and allegations of Assault on a Female, assault and battery, harassing phone calls, or communicating threats, our lawyers in Charlotte NC are here to help you.

“There isn’t just one factor that contributes to legal issues ending up in Family Court, Criminal Court, or both. Conflicts in relationships often involve several contributing causes including alcohol and substance abuse, mental health issues, money problems, and long-term conflict in relationships.”

– Bill Powers, Charlotte Domestic Violence Attorney

Allegations of domestic abuse, whether manifested in injury, harassment, or mental abuse, are taken seriously by our Courts in North Carolina. Lawyers who handle family violence matters also carefully consider a myriad of different legal issues that might affect legal filings in CIVIL COURT involving:

  • Legal Separation
  • Post Separation Support
  • Child Custody and Visitation
  • Child Support
  • Joint Custody / Sole Custody
  • Divorce
  • Alimony in NC
  • Palimony

It is all the more helpful if your family law attorney in Charlotte NC has substantial experience with criminal charges. Our Defense lawyers regularly provide legal representation for charges involving:

  • Interference with Emergency Communications
  • Injury to Personal Property
  • Injury to Real Property
  • Harassing Phone Calls
  • Communicating Threats
  • Assault on a Female in NC
  • Simple Assault (Assault and Battery)
  • Assault with Deadly Weapon (AWDW)
  • Felony Assaults
  • Felony Assault by Strangulation
  • False Imprisonment
  • Assault on a Child Under 12 Years Old

The attorneys at Powers Law Firm PA are here to explain the court system and fight for your legal rights. Bill Powers has more than 25 years helping people as a Charlotte Domestic Violence Attorney and is a NBLSC Board Certified Criminal Law Specialist (National Board of Legal Specialty Certification / NBTA National Board of Trial Advocacy)

CALL NOW: 877-462-3841 to arrange an initial consultation with one of family law attorneys in Charlotte NC and criminal defense lawyers in Charlotte.

Facts About Domestic Violence in North Carolina Family Law Matters

Books A domestic violence protective order (DVPO) is a civil order of the district court. As such, it is generally enforced through contempt proceedings. See Contempt for Violating 50B Order in North Carolina.

However, a DVPO violation may be a separate criminal offense known as Violating Court Orders in North Carolina.

An individual may file to obtain a DVPO in North Carolina, if she or he is the victim of domestic violence, has been threatened with domestic violence, or has been stalked or harassed to such a level as to cause significant emotional distress.

DVPO’s, generally, prevent the defendant from coming within a certain distance of the plaintiff and from having any contact with the plaintiff, for a period of one year. In some cases, the same restrictions can be implemented to prevent the defendant from being around the children, as well.

Sample Complaint and Motion for Domestic Violence Protective Order

Our family law attorneys will help you navigate the traditional challenges relating to divorce, such as financial support, child custody, and property distribution, as well as the unique issues some same-sex couples face.

Obviously, a DVPO can have a huge impact on a North Carolina divorce or child custody matter. Be sure to visit with an experienced family law attorney as part of the process of seeking or challenging a DVPO, so that you fully understand the impact this order may have on you and your family.

Contact Our Charlotte Domestic Violence Attorney

Consult with a North Carolina domestic violence at Powers Law Firm PA whether you are looking to request a domestic violence protective order or are looking for defense against one. Contact the Charlotte domestic violence attorneys at Powers Law Firm PA immediately! Call us today at 877-462-3841.

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Client Reviews
I am so fortunate to have had Bill Powers on my case. Upon our first meeting, Bill insisted that through the emotions of anger, sadness, confusion, and betrayal that I remain resilient. He was available to answer questions with researched, logical, truthful answers throughout our two-year stretch together. I went to any lengths for my case because he won my trust almost immediately. JR
I contacted over 20 attorneys and Bill Powers was the only one that got back to me and was willing to help. He was kind and professional. He helped me get answers that I have been trying to get for years. I am so thankful for all his help and would recommend him easily. Simply FANTASTIC. EP
Bill Powers contacted me very shortly after I submitted an inquiry. He is incredibly knowledgeable about laws and all the requirements in North Carolina. When working with him, he patiently answered any and all questions I had in great detail. I always had the feeling he was looking to help ME, and not all about business. I would HIGHLY recommend Bill Powers and his law firm to anyone needing help in the area. You will be very happy with the result! CL