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When a marriage comes to an end, there are many issues that must be resolved. One way to resolve them is through a separation agreement between the spouses. A separation agreement in North Carolina can address and resolve all aspects of financial support, child custody issues and the equitable distribution of property. This written agreement serves as a private contract and settlement document between the spouses. Since it is legally binding, a separation agreement should be negotiated, prepared and reviewed by a qualified and experienced Charlotte separation attorney. Contact us online or by telephone at 877-462-3841 to arrange an initial consultation with a skilled Charlotte separation attorney.

Separation agreements are not always appropriate in every situation. For instance, a separation agreement may not be practicable given the complexity of the issues involved, or if the tensions and conflict between the parties would make settlement negotiations futile. If the parties attempt to negotiate a settlement but cannot reach an agreement, or if a separation would not be appropriate, they may choose to file a lawsuit regarding any issue that has not been resolved.

You should seek counsel with an experienced attorney to discuss whether a separation agreement would be an appropriate resolution to your situation, and, if so, to advise you on the specific terms. Always consult with an attorney prior to signing any document presented to you by your spouse or your spouse’s attorney. The dedicated and effective Charlotte Family Law attorneys at Powers Law Firm PA are available to meet with you and negotiate, draft or review any proposed separation agreement.

Separating From Your Spouse? We are Here to Help You! The Process of Separating

There are a number of very important considerations to be made before you take the step of separating from your spouse. Among these are questions such as: Who will remain in the family household? If you won’t remain in the house, where will you live? If you have children, who will they live with and how will visitation be handled? Is separating something I can financially afford? Do I have to continue to support my spouse during our separation? If you are in a dual income household, you or your spouse may be accustomed to a particular standard of living. Whether you are in a dual income household, you are the supporting spouse, or you are the dependant spouse, it may be helpful to create a budget and begin compiling copies of important financial records before moving out of the house. As with any important decision that can have legal ramifications, it’s a good idea to speak with an attorney before making the decision to separate from your current spouse.

Contact Powers Law Firm PA online or by telephone at 877-462-3841 to arrange an initial consultation with a skilled Charlotte separation attorney.

A Caring and Considerate Family Law Firm That is Here to Help You Through and Protect You During the Separation Process

Separation in North Carolina does not require going to court or filing any sort of legal document. In North Carolina, you and your spouse are considered separated once the two of you begin living separate and apart from one another with the intent to continue living apart. Any acts that indicate you and your spouse are not living separate and apart could reset the required separation period in North Carolina and have an adverse impact on your ability to file for divorce.

Couples who wish to make the separation as smooth as possible can choose to have a separation agreement drawn up to address important issues, such as spousal support, child support, child custody and equitable distribution. This can be done prior to separation or during the separation, but must be signed before the divorce is finalized. In situations where the parties are unable to agree on the terms of a separation agreement, you may opt to file a lawsuit in order to resolve those same issues in court.

In North Carolina the law requires you and your spouse to remain separated for at least twelve months before you are able to legally file for divorce. Even though the law requires you to remain separated for a year, we are not prevented from developing your case during that time so that we are best prepared to fight for you when the time is right!

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